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Ha ha. Very funny. I see what you tried to do there. I did wake up early. I didn’t expect my rm to wake up when i did and take a long shower. She can chose what time she goes to work too.. (& decides the same time as me) I, on the other hand, had to drive to the furthest possible studio from me today.

Where’s my best friend when i need her ? )-:

oh, that’s right. being a nerd, A+ student sleeping before midnight on school nights !

so proud of you though (-: no procrastinating this semester meaning no unhealthy all-nighters. straight A+’s 4.0 gpa ! you go ! :D 

until2mrw replied to your post: sleepingontheway replied to your photo But you…

why did you only mention hope solo, when alex morgan, megan rapinoe, and sydney leroux are also on the team?

Oops, i meant to type “i’m not sure if you’re a soccer fan or just a Hope Solo fan.” because i’ve only seen sleepingontheway reblog Hope Solo. duh. stop eavesreading. 

until2mrw replied to your post: until2mrw replied to your photo lol wow. ARE YOU…

didnt even know you liked pink but its probably just cause of am huh?

Apparently, you don’t know me very well 0: 

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lol wow.

ARE YOU JUDGING ME ?!?! it’s actually very useful and SOOOoooOO0)OooO much better than elastic headbands, okay ?! 

i had a tough time deciding between the lime green one, my favourite of course, or the pink one like AM lololollo.


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because reptile cart

Ughh. you are exactly right. 

Definitely the words of someone who watches this movie every other day.

Wait hold up. why is it suppose to be so hot in in bgame tomorrow and wednesday.
Good thing i’m not there right now ? if it’s hotter than it is here. Strange. 

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Never got straight A’s before ! 0: 

Sad huh ? i know..

edit: i hope you understand this is a joke…. because i only took 2 classes… that weren’t even general ed type classes… 

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