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Amber Heard on Chelsea Lately 08/14/13

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Machete Kills preview: Amber Heard as Miss San Antonio.

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Mount Whitney…. Yeah, no. Terrible terrible experience. Made me realise I never want to climb a mountain ever again. I guess I’m not that into hiking like I thought I was ! & if I am to camp again, it would be a glamp. Worst time ever. Hate being uncomfortable. ):
So glad to be home !!!

One of the worst weekends !! First I didn’t get to meet A.H. & then suffering on a mountain contemplating jumping off the cliff, but not having any signal to say farewells (I could have recorded a video though !! That’s how much I felt like dying. So not worth it. I was going crazy up there.), and then not being able to have any communication with my fuzwuz wuddle bear. /:

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I love the strip.


Why did the gym have to close so early today ?


✖ The strangest part about being famous is you don’t get to give first impressions anymore. Everyone already has an impression of you before you meet them.

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The xx show at the Palladium tonight ugh. Sold out. Boo. Perfect date concert though.


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ah man!! i got a ticket for my sister the other day. it was intense (i was in the school library lol!). i was able to snag a free ticket from the fan club for myself. GOOD LUCK THOUGH!

FREE ?!?! DUDE. please find me tix. i will pay da $$$


Happy 7-Eleven

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