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ppparkerrr replied to your video: Caramel

Hahahaha! Jewels, that is so random and so excellent. And you have the FUNNIEST DOG I have ever seen, oh my god, I can’t handle it.

 sleepingontheway replied to your videoCaramel

hahahaha, i love it! the stopping at the top of the stairs to give you the side-eye is the best thing ever. i’m very impressed with your video skills!

Thanks (-:
She is a terrible subject ! every time she sees the camera she would walk away and try to hide.. only this time she didn’t hide. so i followed her and this is all the footage i had to work with. 


ppparkerrr replied to your post:

Definitely read this as you making a video of you gunning down your dog.


My original sentence read: so bored i am putting videos of my dog i shot together.
i felt that was strangely i attempted to correct it. apparently, i did not succeed. everything is still mixed up. 

also, my video is almost done. i want you to see it !

ppparkerrr replied to your photo: It’s my birthday, I’ll eat whatever I want to. …

Happy birthday! :D

Thanks ! (-:

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What ??!

sleepingontheway replied to your photoWheee

remind me to never get in the car with you
Remind me to always volunteer to drive when we go places. just kidding. i rather not drive. you can always pick me up. chivalry is not dead. or chauffeuring. ! :D  
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