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Can we all place bets on who we think A is ?


‘A’ theories → Maya St.Germain

  • First of all, as soon as she moved into the DiLaurentis’ old family home, that night Alison’s body was found.
  • We’ve never seen her family, we know Maya had Alison’s room, Jason stated that Alison hid things, and Ali said she had hiding places all over the house. Maybe Maya found one of those mysterious boxes.
  • Maya’s first time at dinner with the Fields: She claimed to be allergic to seafood, but in episode 2x11 she say’s “I’m not leaving until I get my calamari.” Calamari is squid and therefore seafood.
  • We don’t know where Maya went after True North, but my theory is, that she was the one staying upstairs in Jason’s. As soon as Emily knew Maya was back, Jason was seen by Spencer and Toby, taking down the newspaper covering his upstairs windows.
  • Before Jason moved back in, it is possible Maya stayed in Spencer’s lakehouse where the log was seen burning, after slumming it in the woods, a fire would be easy to start, maybe even a fire seen burning the piece of tree saying Ali + Ian.
  • Jason and Maya were also seen talking at the vegetable stall, they also both have histories with drugs.
  • A was looking at a pair of boots before buying duplicates of Dr. Sullivan’s, these are identical to the ones Maya was wearing a few episodes later.
  • We never realised until episode 2x20 that Maya was jealous of Emily’s swim team mates, by injecting her with growth hormones, knowing it would prevent her from swimming, she knew she would have Emily’s full attention when she came back.
  • In the interview with A, when asked what A’s favourite trick was, they answered “Emily’s massage.” Maya likes Emily.
  • A got rid of Samara, Maya’s only real competition.
  • In the homecoming episode, Emily brought Toby as her date, causing Maya to get angry, this would explain why A holds a grudge for Toby.

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