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I just came out to have a good night and honestly I’m feeling so attacked right now.


was this a real movie

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Butter (2012) - Official Trailer 1080p [HD] (by TSTrailers)


wow she’s good

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This zombie stuff is freaking me out, especially now since I’m on the east coast where most of them happened. I need to rewatch zombieland so I’ll know what to do haha

Amber Heard. hahhaaha. oh my goodness. i cannot. 

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Sofia Vergara and Penelope Cruz Pantene Commercial

Kate McKinnon makes a killer debut on SNL. 


Spencer “Oh-My-God-Since-Labor-Day?!” Hastings

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Just met the lovechild of Chloe Moretz & Taylor Momsen

ayystfu replied to your post: The weird dude from class just texted me how my……

HOW IS THIS ANY HELP ??!?!?! and the original version of this video is in my top ten favourite videos. 

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