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There is a refrigerator, small dining table, set of 4 chairs for that table, a tv, bike, bookshelf, all the books from the bookshelf, stacked in the middle of my room that’s barely bigger than my roommates room. All because her gf is just… Hmm idek. If you were there you’d have your own adjective to fill in the blanks with. Interesting night. ahhaha


” like an 80s anthem.”
“Bitch, you were born in ‘92.”

#reposting #bc i like my edit better lol

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My bathroom happens to be a room in which my guests can use for an escape. That sounds wrong. Let’s start over.

Dianna Agron x

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i like how i tagged a post with michellemcw and my two other michelle’s like it. 

i’m so sorry, Gabi.  

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